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2024 Geostationary Workshop

BLDG 201-101, Seoul National University

June 28th, 29th

The second expert workshop on advancing the international constellation of geostationary satellites for terrestrial monitoring will be held at Seoul National University in Seoul, from June 28 to 29, 2024.

To take advantage of the developments in the capabilities of the recent generation of geostationary satellites launched by Korea, China, Japan, the USA, and the EU, invited experts will gather to discuss and plan new algorithms and products suitable for terrestrial monitoring.

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including geometric corrections, atmospheric corrections, EOS-style products from geo-satellites, and GEO-LEO integration focusing on terrestrial phenology, the carbon cycle, and crop yield monitoring.

The workshop will be held in #201-101, Seoul National University (SNU)

(Google Maps -

The schedule for the 2024 Geostationary Workshop is below.

2024/06/28 Friday

2024/06/29 Saturday


If you have any question for this workshop, contact to Youngryel Ryu (

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