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We share BESS-derived ET datasets forced with a different LAI products. Data are at 0.5 degree spatial resolution, monthly spatial resolution, global and cover the 1982-2016 period. The dataset was used in the below paper.

Data Citation

 Forzieri, G., Miralles, D.G., Ciais, P., Alkama, R., Ryu, Y., Duveiller, G., Zhang, K., Robertson, E., Kautz, M., Martens, B., Jiang, C., Arneth, A., Georgievski, G., Li, W., Ceccherini, G., Anthoni, P., Lawrence, P., Wiltshire, A., Pongratz, J., Piao, S., Sitch, S., Goll, D.S., Arora, V.K., Lienert, S., Lombardozzi, D., Kato, E., Nabel, J.E.M.S., Tian, H., Friedlingstein, P., Cescatti, A. (2020) Increased control of vegetation on global terrestrial energy fluxes. Nature Climate Change 10, 356-362.

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