Graduate Students

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Yulin Yan (Ph.D): 2019-2022.

Thesis title: “Nocturnal stomatal conductance in rice: a coordinating bridge between prior respiration and photosynthesis next dawn”

Now: Postdoc at Huazhong Agricultural University.

Jongmin Kim (Ph.D): 2017-2021.

Thesis title: “Continuous observation of vegetation phenology and solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence using near-surface remote sensing systems”

Now: Postdoc in the University of Virginia (with Xi Yang)

Jeehwan Bae (Ph.D): 2019-2021.

Thesis title: “Evaluation of soil organic carbon stocks in heterogeneous land cover types towards carbon neutral city”

Now: Postdoc in the Kyunghee University

Wonseok Choi (MLA): 2019-2021.

Thesis title: “Drone Based Evaluation of Spatial Variability in Satellite Surface Reflectance Products”

Now: PhD course in the same lab

Juwon Kong (MLA): 2017-2019.

Thesis title: “Inter-comparison of image fusion products against in-situ spectral measurements over heterogeneous rice paddy landscape”

Now: PhD course in the same lab

Jeehwan Bae (MLA): 2012-2019.

Thesis title: “Land use and land cover changes explain spatial and temporal variations of the soil organic carbon stocks in a constructed urban park”

Now: Postdoc Fellow in the same lab

Kaige Yang (MS): 2016-2018.

Thesis title: “Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is more strongly related to absorbed photosynthetically active radiation than gross primary productivity in a rice paddy”

Now: Tencent

Soyoun Kim (MLA): 2016-2018.

Thesis title: “Does spatial resolution influence the detection and attribution of extreme reduction in gross primary productivity?”

Now: Researcher in Research Institute of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Seoul National University

Jane Lee (MS): 2016-2018.

Thesis title: “Relative Contribution of different Climate drivers and Plant Functional Types to Growing Season Gross Primary Productivity Interannual variation in Alaska”

Now: Researcher in KOPIA (Korea Project on International Agriculture)

Jongmin Kim (MLA): 2015-2017.

Thesis title: “Continuous observation of vegetation indices, leaf area index (LAI) and fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (fPAR) using an integrated low-cost near surface sensing system”

Now: PhD course in the same lab

Yorum Hwang (MLA): 2014-2016.

Thesis title: “Correction for light scattering combined with sub-pixel classification improves estimation of gap fraction from digital cover photography”

Now PhD student at the same lab

Seungjun Lee (MLA): 2014-2016.

Thesis title: “Urban heat mitigation by roof surface materials during the East Asian summer monsoon”

Now Employed: PhD course at Cornell University (with Ying Sun)

Jina Jeong (MS): 2013-2016.

Thesis title: “Trees growing through impervious surfaces use shallower water sources: A stable isotope study”

Now PhD student at VU University Amsterdam (with Sebastiaan Luyssaert)

Hyungsuk Kimm (MLA): 2013-2015.

Thesis title: “Modeling carbon and energy fluxes in a heterogeneous urban park”Now PhD student at University of Illinois at Urbana

Now Employed: Assistant Professor at Department of Plant Science, Seoul National University 

Soohyun Jeon (PhD course): 2013-2014.


Now Employed: LG U+

Galam Lee (PhD Course): 2013-2014.


(currently, PhD course at Interdisciplinary Program in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, SNU)

Postdoc Fellows

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Changming Yin 2022-2022.

Now Employed: 

Sheir Afgen Zaheer 2021-2022.

Now Employed: KC ML2

Bolun Li 2019-2021.

Now Employed: Lecturer at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, China

Jiangong Liu 2020-2021.

Now Employed: Postdoc at the department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University in the City of New York

Vaibhav Lodhi 2019-2021.

Now Employed: 

Benjamin Dechant: 2017-2021.

Now Employed: Postdoc at Synthesis Centre for Biodiversity Sciences (sDiv), German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) 

Yan Huang: 2015-2018.

Now Employed: Assistant Professor, Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology, China Academy of Space Technology

Chongya Jiang: 2014-2017.

Now Employed: Research Scientist at University of Illinois at Urban Champaign

Youngkeun Song: 2013-2015.

Now Employed: Associate Professor at Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University



Minsung Kim: 2022-2022


Dongok Kim: 2022-2022


Sai Qu: 2019-2021.


Henock Mamo: 2021-2021.


Seungjoon Lee: 2020-2021.

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Xingmei Xu: 2020-2021.

Administrative staff

Yunah Lee: 2017-2020.

Buyoung Park: 2016-2017.

Geunmin Park: 2016.

Sanghee Park: 2015.

Undergraduate Internships

Jinwook Shin: 2019

Youngbum Kim: 2019

Jung-Eun Lee: 2017, 2018

Sungkyu Lee: 2016

Jisoo Sung: 2015

Wonseok Choi: 2015

Junhaeng Ho: 2015

Jongmin Kim: 2014

Yorum Hwang: 2014

Youngdae Shin: 2013

Seungjun Lee: 2013

Hyungsuk Kimm: 2012

Juwon Kong: 2012

Jaehoon Jung: 2012