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2020-10-19: Data have been updated up to 2019 DOY 365.
2017-10-15: 0.05 degree daily, 0.5 degree monthly solar radiation (SW, PAR, diffuse PAR) data between 2000 and 2016 is released


Breathing Earth System Simulator (BESS) is a simplified process-based model that couples atmosphere and canopy radiative transfers, canopy photosynthesis, transpiration, and energy balance. The original paper and updated papers were published in 2011 (Ryu et al., 2011, Jiang and Ryu 2016). Recently, BESS shortwave radiation, PAR and diffuse PAR products have been published (Ryu et al., 2017). It couples an atmospheric radiative transfer model and artificial neural network with forcings from MODIS atmospheric products to generate 5 km resolution, 4 daily interval between 2000 and 2016.

We release 0.05 degree, daily and 0.5 degree, monthly between 2000-2016.

Data Citation

We require citing below paper whenever you use BESS radiation products in your papers:

Ryu, Y.*, Jiang, C., Kobayashi, H., & Detto, M. (2018). MODIS-derived global land products of shortwave radiation and diffuse and total photosynthetically active radiation at 5 km resolution from 2000. Remote Sensing of Environment, 204, 812-825

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