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2024-06-15: Data open


  1. Spatiotemporal resolution: 0.05d/Monthly

  2. Format: .nc file

  3. Scaling factor: 0.01

  4. Fillvalue: -9999

  5. Data period: 1982.01 - 2021.12

  6. Global array size: 3600*7200 (same as MODIS CMG grid)

Data Citation

We require citing the following  paper when you use this data.

Jeong, S., Ryu, Y., Gentine, P., Lian, X., Fang, J., Li, X., Dechant, B., Kong, J., Choi, W., Jiang, C., Keenan, T. F., Harrison, S. P., & Prentice, I. C. (2024). Persistent global greening over the last four decades using novel long-term vegetation index data with enhanced temporal consistency. Remote Sensing of Environment, 311, 114282. [HTML] (2024.09)

Data Download

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