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2021-08-14: Open the data via lab webpage


Data Citation

The data includes in-situ hyperspectral data that were used to evaluate image fusion products in space and time in a rice paddy landscape  (Kong et al 2020). 

It covers one 250 by 250 m MODIS pixel area where systematic sub-sampling was made. We collected near bi-weekly during the growing season in this large area. As it is hyperspectral data (400-900 nm), one can compute any vegetation indices in VNIR region. 

Welcome to use this data! 

We require citing below paper whenever you use the ground spectral data in your papers:

Kong, J., Ryu, Y.*, Huang, Y., Dechant, B., Houborg, R., Guan, K., Zhu, X. (2021) Evaluation of four image fusion NDVI products against in-situ spectral-measurements over a heterogeneous rice paddy landscape. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 297, 108255. [HTML

Data Download

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