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Updated: Mar 12


  • Youngryel was invited to join Editorial Advisory Board in Global Change Biology. More service!

  • We have multiple undergraduate intern students. We celebrated Heeju and Seokjin's birthdays with drone images!


  • Zilong's Cloudformer manuscript was submitted to RSE! Crossed fingers!

  • Sheir's in-season crop type mapping manuscript was submitted to IEEE! Crossed fingers!

  • We have made two PhD and one master. Congratulations Drs. Juwon and Yorum, and Master Ryoungseob! We also made group photos.

  • Sangjun made awesome drone animations that introduce our sites. Enjoy our youtube channel:

  • Changhyeon was selected for military service at CALS. He will stay with us three years as a surrogate of military service. Congratulations!

  • Wonseok visited Pablo Zarco-Tejada group at U Melbourne for one month to collaborate airborne based SIF retrievals. He enjoyed both science and life, particularly, the amazing foods in the dormitory!

  • Sungchan returned to Seoul after one month visiting to Pierre Gentine's group. We welcomed him through burger.

  • Daewon's birthday!

  • Hard field trip! We were busy to reinstall all hyperspectral systems for all sites during the winter

  • Ryoungseob, DaeWon and Huaize visited National Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Jeonju to give special seminars on crop monitoring. They enjoyed great foods as well! Particularly, it was a memorable event for Huaize :)

  • Folks visited Cherwon site to install hyperspectral system, and enjoyed the yummy local foods.


  • Bolun's BESSv2 manuscript was submitted to RSE! Crossed fingers!

  • Jeongho invited lab folks for his sister wedding. Particularly, this was a special event for the international folks who never knew Korean style wedding.

  • Jeongho and Sangjun are testing SIF with BRF vs BHR with a single small tree

  • Seungjoon visited us during his holidays at home. He is currently working with Ying Sun at Cornell for PhD course. We welcomed him at burger.

  • Happy birthday, Changhyun!

  • We had a retreat workshop for the drone project at Gwanghwamun. Prof. Eun-Woo Park joined as a guest adviser. Our drone team, Profs Ghiseok Kim, Jehoon Lee, Hyungsuk Kimm and their students all joined.

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