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2013 News


  1. Youngryel gave lectures at ERC Winter School in Ewha Womans University. Three lecturers include Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Hideki Kobayashi and Youngryel


From left to right: Seon-Ki Park (ERC director), Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Youngryel and Hideki Kobayashi

  1. Ryu lab well contributed to AGU 2013 Fall meeting. Total six members attended: Youngryel, Galam, Soohyun, Jina, Hyungsuk, Youngkeun.

  1. During AGU meeting, there was the Biomet Lab lunch (Dennis missed the lunch but ~20 alumni attended!)

  1. A group dinner for welcoming Seungjun to the lab:

  1. Jeehwan’s birthday!

  1. Group dinner to welcome Seungjun to the lab



  1. Seungjoon was offered a MLA program at SNU and he will be an official member of our lab. Welcome Seungjoon!

  2. Galam represented the Lab in the EUROSPEC meeting held in Trento, Italy. She met Dennis Baldocchi, her academic grandfather, there. Dennis shared a photo with her.



  1. Youngryel gave an invited talk at Microsoft eScience meeting in Beijing:

  2. Ryu, Y. 2013. Accelerating visualization and data analysis of terrestrial water and carbon fluxes using FetchClimate and MODISAzure pipeline. Microsoft eScience meeting, Beijing, China

  3. A collaborative project with Lawrence Berkeley Lab made a paper:

  4. Hendrix, V., Ramakrishnan, L., Ryu, Y., van Ingen, C., Jackson, K.R., & Agarwal, D. (2013). CAMP: Community Access MODIS Pipeline. Future Generation Computer Systems, In press

  5. The lab members visited Gwangneung forest to collect spatially extensive LAI data, which was not made due to rain!

  1. Dr Kyungsoo Yoo at University of Minnesota visited the lab and gave a talk on his recent work. We had a lab dinner together.



  1. Finally, we used a kopter to take remote sensing images in Seoul Forest Park by collaboration with Prof Yeonsik Kang at Kookmin University. Group photos with my lab and Prof Kang’s lab members from the land (by someone) and from the sky (by the kopter).

  1. Sungho Choi at Boston University (Prof Ranga Myneni’s group) visited the lab and gave a seminar on “Allometric scaling and resource limitations modeling of forest canopy height and biomass: a model of total aboveground biomass in forest stands”

  1. Seungjun’s birthday (actually the end of Aug but we celebrated on 17 Sep 2013)

  1. Group lunch before Thanks Giving Day (17 Sep 2013)

  1. Youngryel’s birthday



  1. “Global Leadership Program Towards Innovative Green Infrastructure” led by Youngryel has been awarded from BK (Brain Korea) 21 Plus. This is a really exciting news to the Interdisciplinary Program in Landscape Architecutre which will receive ~200K $/year over 2+5 years for supporting PhD course students.

  2. The lab joined the 2013 Asiaflux+HESSS+KSAFM meeting held in Seoul Nationl University and gave 1 oral and 4 poster presentations. Very nice meeting that include 200 people and invite notable leaders including Drs Markus Reichstein, Taikan Oki, Jay Famiglietti, Murugesu Sivapalan, Ray Leuning, Ben Ruddell, Hugo Berbery.

  1. Hyungsuk and Seungjun were avoiding beam radiation in a very hot and sunny day while measuring A-Ci curves at Seoul Forest Park. Hyungsuk was watching Li-6400 while Seungjun was playing with Smartphone.



  1. Visited Gwangneung forest to collect LED and digital camera images, and measure leaf inclination angles. Sunny, wet, lots of mosquitoes but fun! Youngdae visited the forest first time in his life.

  1. The lab had a wondeful time at Gapyoung with BBQ party and a series of games.

  1. Seungjoon made a Jurumable game for the MT.

  1. Environmental Ecology Lab welcomes two summer internship students: Youngdae and Seungjoon. They will work on some lab projects during July and Aug. Youngdae will work on the processing of RAW digital photos and cluster computing. Seungjoon will work on measuring Vcmax in a series of seedlings to test temporal and spatial variation of Vcmax. Both will join field trips in Gwangneung and Seoul Forest Park.

  2. We congratulated Youngkeun and Jina’s birthdays.



  1. Soohyun visited NASA Ames Center to develop a collaborative project with Dr Rama Nemani. Rama and his group members kindly hosted Soohyun and she learned the NEX system and how to run BESS on NEX.

  1. Dr. Taiki Mori from Kyoto University visited the lab and gave a lecture on his recent work, entitled “Effects of phosphorus application on soil greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon stocks in Acacia mangium plantation in Indonesia”

  1. Group dinner with Dr Taiki Mori at TGI (28 June 2013)



  1. Youngkeun won the 2nd prize in the arm wrestling competition in our department!

  2. Youngryel and Jeehwan advaned to the semi-final in ping-pong competition in our department.

  3. Teachers’ day. There are two candles.



  1. A new research project “Accelerating visualization and data analysis of global gross photosynthesis and evaporation by integrating FetchClimate and MODIS-Azure pipeline” was funded by Microsoft Research!!

  2. Jina became the research assisitant in our group. Welcome and congratulations!

  3. Group photo on Apr 5. Our group is expanding!



  1. Scattering manuscript has been published at Agricultural and Forest Meteorology:

  2. Kobayashi, H., Ryu, Y.*, Baldocchi, D.D., Welles, J.M., & Norman, J.M. (2013). On the correct estimation of gap fraction: how to remove scattered radiation in the gap fraction measurements? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 174-175: 170-183 [PDF]

  3. Dr. Youngkeun Song joined the lab. Welcome!

  1. Our lab moved! Photo by Hyungsuk

  1. Jeena joined to our lab as an internship student. She graduated from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, SNU, and will enjoy the internship for one month.

  2. Hyungsuk’s birthday! 25 Mar 2013



  1. Dr. Youngkeun Song (Kyoto University) will join the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. He will start the position in March. Welcome Youngkeun!

  2. Scattering manuscript has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology!

  3. Kobayashi, H., Ryu, Y.*, Baldocchi, D.D., Welles, J.M., & Norman, J.M. (2013). On the correct estimation of gap fraction: how to remove scattered radiation in the gap fraction measurements? Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, In Press

  4. Soohyun and Hyungsuk graduated. Congratulations! Soohyun and Hyungsuk will start a PhD and Master course in my lab from this spring semester. The righ picture clearly shows that Youngryel has few books.

resize_P1120945 copy
  1. Galam visited Dr Hideki Kobayashi at JAMSTEC for one week and learned FLiES model. Hideki kindly shared his time with Galam and taught the model structure and model run. The FLiES model will be used to canopy photosynthesis, evaporation, radiative transfer study in Seoul Forest Park, and Gwangneung forest. Look forward to more collaboration with Hideki.

  1. Happy Lunar New Year Celebration at Youngryel’s home. Eunjin, Youngryel’s wife, served Galbitang.

  1. Heavy snow hit the campus on Feb 4.

  1. Galam’s birthday (27 Feb 2013)



  1. Lab members visited Gwangneung Forest Site to collect digital cameras which have monitored canopy structures.

  1. Yuna decided not to join the group as she was offered a permanent job from Yonsei University. Congratulations Yuna and good luck in your career!

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