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2018 News


  1. Juwon, Ben and Youngryel attended AGU. We had a dinner with old members like Youngkeun, Chongya and Hyungsuk. There was nice dinners hosted by Remote Sensing of Environment (Elsevier Publisher). Youngryel met other Editors and Editorial Board Members. Also, the journal celebrated the retirement of Malvin Bauer. Also, Youngryel organized a lunch of Berkeley Biomet folks in a Vietnam restaurant.

  1. Snow season started! The spectacular snow view in Taehwa Mt flux tower. Compare two images from our RasperryPi micro camera

  1. Jeehwan’s birthday! Congratulations!



  1. Global photosynthesis review manuscript has been submitted to RSE. This is a collaborative work with Joe Berry and Dennis Baldocchi. So timely to have sabbatical leave at Carnegie last year. Countless discussions about history with Dennis enabled this work.

Ryu, Y.*, Berry, J.A., Baldocchi, D.D. (2018) What is global photosynthesis? History, uncertainties, and opportunities. Remote Sensing of Environment In review

  1. Dr. Bolun Li will join our lab as a new postdoc from early next year. He will lead the CCS project by building novel near-surface spectral sensing system which will be upscaled using drone.

  2. One more camera was installed in Taehwa Mt site. More eyes!

  1. Juwon’s birthday!



  1. During the SiF workshop in Seoul National University with Yongguang’s group, Joe Berry visited us and gave a lecture about photosynthesis from molecule to the globe. Then he shared two dates for 1:1 discussions with a series of students and postdocs. Weather was fantastic- blue sky, crystal air, and beautiful mountain. After the workshop, we flied to Nanjing together to attend Potsdam GHG workshop

  1. After the Potsdam GHG workshop, Dr. Xia Yao kindly invited us to visit Nanjing Agricultural University. Youngryel gave a lecture about remote sensing of land surface fluxes, and Xia introduced the university, program and her labs. Very impressive place!

  1. Youngryel, Ben, Jongmin, Yorum and Juwon attended Potsdam GHG workshop held in NUIST, Nanjing. Youngryel gave a lecture for remote sensing of photosynthesis from leaf to the global scale. We enjoyed a LOT of Chinese foods. Also we met many colleagues and friends.

  1. We had a joint workshop for SiF with Yongguang’s group at Nanjing University. They visited us and had a whole week intensive discussions for collaboration of SiF from leaf to the global scale. The workshop info is here.

  1. WALZ Monitoring PAM arrived! This will be used in in-situ monitoring of SiF. We are having more instruments to understand leaf to canopy photosynthesis and SIF.


  1. Jongmin’s 4S manuscript has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology! Congratulations Jongmin!

  2. Youngryel’s birthday!

  1. Yulin Yan joined the lab as PhD student! His research interest is crop modeling. After holding Master degree from Wageningen University, he had been working in Sustech. Welcome Yulin! He gave a lab talk for who I am.

  1. We had a most updated group photo without missing person as of Sep 1.



  1. This year, harvesting date (Aug 28th) was substantially advanced probably due to extremely hot summer while enough water from reservoir. Fortunately, when Jongmin and Ben visited the site, the farmer was harvesting. We quickly collected rice plants to quantify rice yield in the lab.

  1. Kaige graduated! Congratulations! She returned to Seoul to attend the ceremony. During the master course, she achieved amazing jobs in measuring/analyzing SiF dataset in a paddy rice, which was published RSE. Good luck for your new job in Shenzen. Per her request, we enjoyed her favorite food, Gamjatang.

  1. Yan finishes her postdoc period in our group and will start a new position at CAS this fall. Thank you for the great works and our best wishes to your success in next careers. Yan served a dinner for the lab folks in a Chinese restaurant.

  1. Youngryel finished one year sabbatical leave at Carnegie and returned to Seoul. We had a group lunch to celebrate Youngryel’s return.



  1. Our paddy rice SiF manuscript has been accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment!!!! This is the outcome from a remarkable collaborations with multiple groups.

Yang, K., Ryu, Y.*, Dechant, B., Berry, J.A., Hwang, Y., Jiang, C., Kang, M., Kim, J., Kimm, H., Kornfeld, A., & Yang, X. (2018). Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence is more strongly related to absorbed light than to photosynthesis at half-hourly resolution in a rice paddy. Remote Sensing of Environment, 216, 658-673 [HTML] [PDF] (2018.10)

  1. Jeehwan and Ben measured leaf level optical properties and leaf gas exchange in soil [CO2] enriched/control plots for CCS project. It was carried out in a glasshouse, super hot/humid.

  1. Rice is near the full canopy. Heterogeneous canopy around flux tower becomes homogeneous, good news for SIF and spectral sensors.

  1. Jongmin advanced to the final round in NRF Global Fellowship Program. Lab folks helped him prepare his talk in NRF about filter based inexpensive SiF system.



  1. The joint workshop proposal with Yongguang Zhang at Nanjing Univ has been funded by NRF. We will organize one week SiF workshop between two groups with other people in Oct. It will be an important and exciting workshop!

  2. Congratulations Yunah’s birthday!

  1. Youngryel attended AOGS meeting in Hawaii and gave a talk on the coupled remote sensing of global radiation/energy/carbon fluxes. He met Kazu, Wei, Xiaolin, Forrest, Trevor, Haemi, etc etc.

  2. Jongmin visited U Motreal hosted by Oliver Sonnentag. He stayed one month and installed our low-cost in-situ SiF sensor in Mer Bleue and Scotty Creek sites. He also gave a talk for his sensor in an annual meeting of Mer Bleue site. He met Taifeng Dong of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Mer Bleue site.

  1. In our paddy rice site, we manually planted rice near the flux tower, but it turned out that they did not grow as much as surrounding canopy because of the lack of fertilizer. The farmer added the fertilizer near the tower again. See the spatial heterogeneity in the canopy, and this highlights the necessity in measuring bi-hemispheric reflectance to cover larger footprint. Typically, vegetation density around the tower is low because of safety issue.



  1. Kaige gave a finishing talk for her master thesis. She is going to start a new job in the blockchain company in Shenzen from this summer. Congratulations and our best wishes for your next career!

  1. Juwon and Yan have been collecting spectral reflectance across the rice paddy landscape to evaluate image fusion products.

  1. Jongmin is developing a low cost SiF system by combining Raspberry, Arduino, photodiode, and very narrow band pass filter.

  1. Jongmin calibrated the SiF system with a reference QEPro spectrometer.



  1. Rice transplantation was done. As the farmer didn’t transplant around the flux tower, our lab folks manually transplanted!

  1. Yorum and Jongmin got married! Big congratulations and this is the first couple-to-marriage in the lab history!


  1. Ben and Jongmin visit Cherwon rice paddy site. Homogeneous now, but it will be soon very heterogeneous with different timings in irrigation and transplantation across the landscape.

  2. Graham Farquhar visited Carnegie institute. Youngryel discussed with Graham about two-leaf model structure and kinetic parameters in Rusbisco. He gave a lecture on history of his modeling works. Below photo includes his metal for Kyoto Prize.

  3. Yan’s BESS-Rice has been accepted for publication in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology! This is the first paper from Cherwon flux tower site where our group has been investing extraordinary efforts. Very exciting and big congratulations to Yan-

  4. Jongmin’s 4S manuscript has been submitted to Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Fingers crossed!

  5. Ben established our lab web page in ResearchGate. Visit HERE


  1. Jane and Soyoun graduated and they earned the master degree! Big congratulations!! Soyoun will work at Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences at SNU, and Jane will return to Zimbabwe to have some break to start the next career.

  1. Govindjee from UIUC visited Carnegie Institution. Berry lab folks and Robin Martin met him and enjoyed discussion on photosynthesis, fluorescence, and history of photosynthesis research. So energetic person!

  1. Youngryel was invited to join Editorial Board Member in Remote Sensing, and accepted. Wish to contribute to remote sensing community through both journals, Remote Sensing of Environment (Associate Editor) and Remote Sensing.

  2. Kaige’s SiF manuscript has been submitted to RSE. This is the product from collective efforts across multiple groups over multiple years.

  3. Trevor Keenan, Josh Fisher, Remi Luo visited Carnegie and we had a project meeting with Anna and Joe. Towards a better global photosynthesis estimate!

  4. Youngryel attended Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center (BASC) sympoisum held at Berkeley. He joined the beer with Trevor’s folks– first met Remi and Cecilia.

  5. Lab members had a farewell party for Soyoun and Jane who will earn Master degree this Feb, and for Jung-Eun who conducted internship over two consecutive breaks in summer and winter.

  1. Jongmin, Juwon and Jung-Eun visited Taehwa Mt and fixed several structural issues in SiF system. Super strong wind could not stop their passion!



  1. Steve Running visited Carnegie and Berry lab group had discussion about global RS and photosynthesis with him.

  2. Kaige visits UIUC for SiF collaboration with Kaiyu Guan’s group. Yelu Zeng from Carnegie Institution for Science also joins this meeting. We are going to combine three in-situ SiF datasets with Yelu’s SiF canopy RT model.

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